MichaelSmith il 9/5/2018, 8:01
Line Side tap, but not really?

Thereis a pedestal at the road with a meter and 200a disconnect and a small bus forload breakers. Currently temp power is being pulled off of that load bus,but in the future there will be no loads out at the pedestal. Anunderground run will go from the pedestal to a 200a main panel with main breakerinside the garage.

The PV system to be installed there would be protected by60A OCPD. This is too much to interconnect with a breaker (120% rule=> 40A), so we will need to connect upstream of the main breaker. Normally, I would do this with taps in the main panel in the garageline side to the main breaker. This is technically a load side connectionsince there is a primary disconnect at the pedestal, but is allowedbecause the bus is protected by the 200a main.

The odd part on this oneis the load buss out at the road. If somebody were to install 4king-sized hot-tubs in the street and run them all at once during the day whilethe solar was at peak production, they could theoretically overload the bus inthe pedestal service panel with 60A from solar and 200A from the utility. Can I proceed as logic and reason suggest—continue with taps in garage panel—orwould you all suggest something else?

Please help.

I didn't find the right soltion from the Internet.




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