xardas il 20/12/2015, 22:11
Richiesta info Inverter 8KVA LF
Ciao a tutti.
Vorrei un parere o informazioni per chi avesse questo inverter...


xardas il 20/12/2015, 22:11
Re: Homemade Inverter
Allego foto 2


xardas il 20/12/2015, 22:14
Re: Homemade Inverter
Voi dite che può avviare motori monofase da 3Hp o 4Hp di potenza?

In passato ne ho avuto uno da 6KW/18KWp e riusciva a fare avviare motori fino a 6HP.

Questo è un 8KW/32KWp..

Però ha due grossi toroidali mentre il mio ne aveva uno a lamelle..

Pensate che siano bufale?

Se qualcuno sapesse qualcosa mi aiuti prima che lo compri..

Ciao a tutti e buone feste se non ci sentiamo più

RFBurns il 24/12/2015, 20:58
Re: Richiesta info Inverter 8KVA LF
Yes this unit will start 3-4hp motors, if the unit you have has only one transformer I am guessing you brought it from an auction site. The electronics will handle 8Kw but I would recommend you replace the transformer with another (plate transformer is noisy and may have high idle current) see this post . http://www.thebackshed.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=7800&PN=1  These low frequency inverters can handle huge surge much much more than Hf inverter. It is not hoax I have these units and they are the best, most reliable avaliable

xardas il 28/12/2015, 22:14
Re: Richiesta info Inverter 8KVA LF
Thanks RFBurns for your response.
I Hope that it is really how do you think..

I want buy this type of inverter becouse it like me so much.

I want learn to programmer micro ATmega 328 to assebly a new inverter powerful..

Can I buy it on Ebay?
Thanks from Xardas

RFBurns il 28/12/2015, 23:40
Re: Richiesta info Inverter 8KVA LF
If you wish to find more about these units please check here  LINK a lot of users of this low frequency inverter.Be careful buying from eBay as not all the 8Kw ones have the correct transformers -price is usually an indication. Stu

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